Life has taken a shift as of late. My mother passed away on October 20th, 2013. I miss her dreadfully, for you see, she was my confidant and best friend.

Shortly following, my daughter, her husband and their two children moved into my basement suite. Good news! I am not completely alone, and yet I am.

I have been published in Suite 101 with a couple of articles a few years ago. Before that, I had some stories published and won 2nd and third prizes two years in a row in The Carillon. So I guess I can say, I am a published author. Besides that, I self-published a children’s book of rhymes entitled, ‘A Rhyme In Time’. I didn’t try to sell them because the pictures I chose did not fit the pages properly. Another tragic learning experience.

Joining Goodreads, I hope to read the Classics and learn how to write something of value. Right now, I am reading Middlemarch by George Elliot. She is actually a female writer, but in the 1800’s, women were not thought of being intelligent enough to engage in such things. Thus the male name. I’m glad it isn’t like that nowadays.

I hope you enjoy reading my stuff here. Leave a comment or a rating to show my progress, if you will. Thank you!


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    • I think I am feeling as if she is still here somehow. Just can’t see her, so yes I agree as I re-read your comment. She was the one I went to always. With heartaches, my divorce issues and all.

  1. Hey, Drew. I look forward to reading your work. I can already tell it’s going to be thoughtful and eloquent. I’m kind of starting out, too, as a writer. I think all writers are kind of starting out, always, no matter how many poems they’ve written or books they’ve published. One of the best pieces of advice anyone’s ever given me was, “Treat every day as if it were day one.” I take from this that we need to look forward with determination and hope, knowing that God rewards our efforts with abundant love and success. I’ll read some of your previous work over the next couple days. Let me know if you have particular suggestions. Peace out.

  2. Hi Drew I’m glad to meet you.I’m sorry about your mother’s passing.Glad to know your daughter and her husband are living in your basement apartment. Congrats to you for getting 2nd and third place.I hope to read more of your posts.

    • Thank you ranu. I am pleased to meet you as well. I am very happy to have the family live near me. Life is busier, but fun. Hope you have a great day.

  3. My mother is in last stage of cancer and her health is deteriorating day-by-day. My father is also very ill. I feel so sad and distracted and dread the days when I will be living without them.

  4. Bonjour(here!), Miss DD! 🙂 glad to meet you… speakin’ of George Elliot, well Georges Sand was a woman, too… 🙂
    * * *
    thanx for stopping by my virtual playground, my very best and good-night! c u asap! cheers, Mélanie

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am excited to hook up with a French speaking, bilingual person. When I write something in Français, would you correct my wording and spelling. Bonjour mon amie. Avais une belle jour!

      • oui, avec plaisir, Drew… 🙂 je suis prof de langues… so, just lemme know and keep me posted, s’il te plaît, O.K.
        @”Avais une belle jour!” – on dit: bonne journée! 🙂
        * * *
        j’avais = I used to have/I had; beau jour(masculin), belle journée(féminin)… 🙂
        * * *
        à+! = à bientôt! = c u asap! 🙂

  5. I’m so sorry about the loss of your dear mother. I know how you feel right now because I also went through the same experience. I’m sending you love to heal your heart and make you strong.

  6. Sorry you lost your mother. In that she was your best friend and the person you confided in it has to be even more difficult. Really enjoy your website, and your thought provoking poems.

      • Hey Drew, It’s crazy how we met up on Youtube. I’ve thought of you a number of times throughout the years. I was weeping my eyes out writing that on you tube. As you read, I recently lost a son. It’s another world I’m in now and nothing will ever be the same. The rest of my life will be lived with a heartache. I’ve lost a brother, mother, father, daughter in-law and though all were devastating, this goes much deeper. I’ve joined a grieving parents group but it’s just going there and getting started that’s a little difficult.

  7. I really cannot imagine what you are going through. I only know that it must be the most difficult thing you will ever have to go through. I think it is a good thing to join a grieving group. Write your feelings down in a journal and see how you progress with your healing process. I am very sad for you. I hope God will strengthen you through this journey and give you hope and courage. You’ll be in my prayers, rest assured. HUGS, DREW XX

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