“On Guard” by Drew Delaney Copywritten

You need eyes at the back of your head sometimes.

It was to be the final splash. Mom said, “One more time.”

“You shouldn’t be near the deep end. Go back.” The lifeguard turned away not assuming the four-year-old would leap then and there. Daddy hastened in time to save his little girl from drowning today.


11 thoughts

  1. sooo sweet smile… ❤ I do know what you mean, we have 2 "old babies"(responsible, balanced and wonderful adults!) and we did need at least 4 pairs of eyes when they were kids and teenagers! 🙂
    * * *
    off-topic wit your permission, of course: I've just called the Monastère de Notre-Dame d’Orient(Aveyron) and I've left a message on their answering machine… as soon as they call me back, I'll let you know and I'll keep you posted, O.K. meanwhile, take a look at their 4 pages, please: 🙂

  2. Oh MY! Glad daddy was there to save the day. I hope you are doing well, Drew. (This Kirsten, btw) I’m here for Octpowrimo in October and thought I’d check in and see how you are doing. And how is your daughter doing? xoxo

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