Picking Wildflowers


The Pink Lady Slippers

They are not to be picked or dug out as they are becoming extinct. But let me tell you, this year they made a real come back. The ditches in our area were filled with them. I even saw yellow ones which seem to be even more rare. You should have seen me when my daughter pointed them out to me. I was like a buzzing bee, frisky and flying about from one bunch to another. What fun we had that day!

2014-07-02 18.47.21



The wild Tiger-Lily is out now. In some places you see an orange haze in amongst white daisies, and bluebells. Now I know why summer is my favourite time of year.


Bluebells are simply gorgeous. Reason being probably is that I haven’t noticed so many ever before. I’m sure there were in different parts, but this year they are practically right in our own back yards.


This is one of the greatest years for picking wildflowers. The ditches are filled and you can see fields of daisies.



 Wild Lazy Susan’s

Wildflowers Painting

This painting found on Pinterest reminded me of us searching for wildflowers. We didn’t pick any yet, but I will do it one day this week before they all begin to die off in the hot temperatures. It was a very wet season, with flooding in some areas. Perhaps these wildflowers like the kind of early summer we had.


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    • Thank you! These little flowers are all so unique that I can’t help but just love them. There are more of course, but I put them into other posts in the past. These are the current ones. 🙂

  1. Gorgeous photos Drew. I had to come here looking for you. I signed up to follow your blog and noticed I hadn’t been receiving anything for a few weeks now. I’m trying to figure out why? I hope you are doing okay and wondering how your daughter is doing. 🙂

    • Thank you Debbie. I have been busy with babysitting my grandchildren while mum works, and also go to stay with my daughter while she has her treatments for three to five days. Her last treatment is on the 29th of July. It takes a few days to feel better, but she has had allergy reactions to the chemo. So they are filling her with other drugs to combat side effects and her allergic reactions. Scary for sure. She was here today to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow the 14th. She said this had been the worse nauseating time since it all began. But she was getting better once again. Thanks for asking. That is so nice of you!:)

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