Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen (1813 – 1886, German)


sleeping-beautySleeping Beauty

The Three SistersThe Three Sisters

a-little-schoolgirlA Little Schoolgirl


an-interrupted-momentAn Interrupted Moment

With The Grandmother

the-butterflyThe Butterfly

das-lesende-maedchenDas lesende Madchen (Young Girl Reading)

das-lesende-madchen-2Das lesende Madchen (Young Girl Reading)

madchen-mit-wasserkrug-the-young-water-carrierMadchen mit Wasserkrug (The Young Water Carrier)

Hide And Seek

Tending The Little Ones

the-rabbit-sellerThe Rabbit Seller

the-guardian-angelThe Guardian Angel

Undressing the babyUndressing The Baby

Beggar Children

Child With White Hood Holding A Bouquet

The Letter

The Artist And His Family In The Atelier

Mother With Praying Child

The Strawberry Girl

The Flower Girl

Waiting On The Return Of The Fisherman

Family In An Interior

Sleeping Brothers

A Girl Playing With Cherries

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2 thoughts

    • Aren’t they beautiful? These are paintings. I have always loved children. You know me. I live in a dream world. I wish I had been introduced to Jane Eyre when I was a youngster. Hope you have a nice week=end dear lovely Carol.

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