Bailey, Our Little Chihuahua




 Meet Bailey. He was six weeks old in this photo. Too scrawny to let him toddle on the floor for fear someone may step on him, he was skirted behind a step-over wall to a small kitchen area and spent a great deal of time in his lofty, safe carrier.


He was so tiny when he first arrived. You can tell by my daughter’s hand holding him. The smallest neckband in the store needed to be cut several inches so that he wouldn’t trip on it.


 This is Bailey’s best friend. She loves that little Chihuahua. The owner is four and carries this little mutt everywhere she goes. Except outdoors where a large dog doesn’t know he’s not a meal. Perhaps in time the little dog will grow a huge growl and frighten the much larger dog.


 Licks, Licks, and more Licks.


 His bed looks much too large. A quarter of the size would have been sufficient.


That’s alright! Now the two can share and have R & R time. Oh, to be a child again and have a little sweetie all to myself. Lucky T.


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  1. Awwww…this makes me want to get a puppy! We can’t right now because we have 3 dogs already. It is a precious time with puppy and child. Such a wonderful friendship can develop with that combination. Thank you for sharing!

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