Reflections in Blue

Reflections in Blue

Clear perspective of the clouds and blue sky above. Tranquility and perfection with a smidgeon view of my granddaughter’s fishing line fixed off the dock into deep water. Yes, she did catch a couple of pickerels and a jack. Only one pickerel was kept … the others released into their haven below.


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    • Thank you for following me so devotedly. I am fine. Just worried about my daughter. Her chemo starts on Tuesday. I will be glad when it’s all over. I’ll let you know how the first treatment affects her. Hugs!

  1. Beautiful picture here Drew. I love the reflection of the clouds bouncing off the water. Many times I look at clouds and try to read a story from them 🙂 Prayers for your daughter! 🙂

  2. It looks like a great day to spend out with your granddaughter 🙂 , love the reflections of the sky and the forests. Hope you’re going okay with your daughter. Praying for strength for you both.

  3. This is such a peaceful photo, Drew. You’re lucky to be surrounding in such beautiful nature. Nature really helps us to be in touch with ourselves. It is, in a way, God’s religion.

  4. Oh…that looks so relaxing, Drew! You are a wonderful photographer. Such a talented woman, you are!

    • It was a beautiful, calm day. A little cool compared to what it is like now, because it was on Victoria long Week-end. Thank you for checking out some of my posts and commenting. Really makes my day!

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