The Bread-Maker

My mother never had to take a recipe out to make bread, pancakes, waffles or potato dumplings. She was the type that threw a pinch of this or that to the mixture. When I would come home from school the scent wafted about fifty feet from the house. Possibly more.

Mid-week she would whip-up bread or buns. And usually a stew to go with the fresh baking. At that time, she’d run the flour through a sifter, sometimes several times, for the flour then was more beneficial. That is, didn’t have the colour removed, the density withdrawn. Therefore, no chemicals nor preservatives were added to make the flour perfect. 

It tasted so good. No chemicals of any kind was incorporated and so the taste was genuine.

Today, I have thrown a mixture of flour and other ingredients to create a batch of bread loaves. I’m pinching pennies and also trying to eat healthier. No chemicals were added. Neither preservatives. Nothing to make it taste better than it’s supposed to.

I am disturbed and frustrated at our present life-style as far as food is concerned. Adding ingredients with M.S.G. to give a better flavour to make food taste better? What a shame!  If you are a good cook, use herbs instead. It’s healthier, and will provide more nutritious benefits. 

To be honest, my bread might not taste as good as those with artificial ingredients, but I know what I am eating. I try to buy organic flour whenever possible. I have added whole-wheat flour, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds to add more nutrients. It will be heavier than white bread, but it will be more filling. I won’t have to have six slices to fill me up.  



11 thoughts

  1. That’s good, Drew. I think it comes down to respect somehow. We shouldn’t be careless and wasteful with our resources, our food, our earth. Give thanks for everything, you know, and honor God with generosity. And no harmful chemicals or animal abuse for economic gain, that’s sure to incur a judgment.

  2. You are talking my food language! Healthy, preservative-free, the way food used to be before greedy companies started filling them with crap to make you eat more crap, a vicious cycle. So ironic how healthy food has to cost so much more than junk food, when the hell did that happen?

    • Exactly! It’s all these big corporations using us as guinea pigs while they become richer each day and we suffer from cancer and heart problems.
      Just writing about it infuriates me. Think of the pharmaceutical companies and how they have expanded because of the crap that causes so many illnesses.

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