One Room School House


I feel quite excited to actually get a photo of probably one of the last public one-room school houses at least in these parts. Again, snow filled ditches kept me away from getting closer, but I wanted to make sure this photo was taken. I am hoping that when spring thaw has finished its course, I will be able to draw nearer to these buildings before the municipality decides to rid the area of these dead and abandoned ruins. 

This building looks like it is in good shape from my view point. I have no idea what it looks like on the inside. It’s so awesome for me to imagine a teacher standing in front of her class, chalk in hand at the blackboard, and teaching possibly grade one to grade eight. The school is quite a distance from most of the farms. It was not near the town. Students from miles around would have attended here all the way to the U.S. Border. 

I hope to get another few pictures to add to this one when I get a chance and the weather cooperates to get nearer, and possibly enter the building. It would be nice to see the actual desks and blackboard and stove in place for my future perusal. 


One thought

  1. Beautiful. My friend sent me a copy of a grade school final from the turn of the century, probably taken in a schoolhouse just like that. It put modern education to shame. I’ll try to find it in my email and send it to you. Lovely picture.

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