When I stopped to take a photo of this abandoned home, the first thing that crossed my mind was, ‘look at all the additions’. Not knowing who had lived here, I assumed that the family kept getting larger, thus requiring more space.

However, I did know families who had seven, eight children living in a small log house and they did not rebuild until most of the children had left. Economy brightened for a spell. At that time, the children left home following grade eight or nine, depending on where their home was situated.

It also makes me think of many of my dreams that are reoccurring. Often, the dreams are similar if not exact in nature. My husband and I have a lovely home, but he wants to sell it and move into an old house and fix it up. So we do as he wishes.

We move into the old house, and often it is large but falling apart at the seams. He begins to work on fixing it and I start cleaning or looking for something. Suddenly, there is another room which I explore, only to find a door to yet another room. I explore that one. Another door appears. I open it and there are more rooms. I really don’t have any idea why these dreams occur. But that is another thing that came to mind when I studied this picture.

Another thing I noticed. There isn’t a solid foundation to most of the sections added on. They are kind of leaning in different directions. I would have liked to have gone inside to investigate, but I was alone and with the bitter cold and snow all around, I felt I had better do that at another time.


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  1. I’m a big believer in the idea that physical places hold on to the events that happened there. The bad things get washed away after a while and the good things remain forever. Just read the Getty’s. Address for class, and Honest Abe basically says the same

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