Freaked Out Twelve-Year-Old

It wasn’t my birthday, but I remember that special day. Dentist day. Oh, how I hated going to the dentist. I literally felt nauseated at the very thought and the tremors didn’t end until we left that grinding, searing, smelly place.

The gray, cloudy cast sky sent shivers up my spine as entering our black, 1955 Chev. The gravel country road, an eighteen mile drive, glared with ice. I wanted to go to school but these fillings needed getting taken care of and appointments were hard to get. About three miles from home, we began to slip and slide. I really don’t know what came over me, but I decided to jump out of the vehicle as it slid this way and that.

The next thing I remember was the view. Everything was white. I’m in Heaven. No. Everything was white alright, but when I began to move, snow squished into my mouth and my lips were scraped with a trace of blood oozing from them. It felt like I had gotten a face-wash with a gigantic snow ball.  Where’s my mom and my brother? Silence stripped my nerves to shreds. Oh, God! What’s happened to them?

Peeping out of the snow from a ditch laden with snow piles, I viewed the car as if going in the opposite direction not far from me, but it sat still on the side of the road. My mother lay across the steering wheel and my brother, nowhere to be seen. What did I do? They were hurt all because of my stupidity.

As I began to climb out of the ditch, my mother’s head raised off the steering wheel. My brother’s body popped up from the back seat. Mother opened the car door, after glancing through the rear-view mirror, her mind in a daze. She assumed she had killed me. They both slipped their way toward me while I toward them. We embraced and cried. My skirt, ripped up the front to my groin, Mom pinned. It wasn’t enough to have to go to the dentist, but now we needed to see the doctor to make sure I wasn’t seriously injured. Needless to say, it was the last time, jumping out of a vehicle ever crossed my mind.


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