Gone With the Wind (Short Review)


How can one review without spoiling it for other readers? To me it is a must read for young people especially; reason being, there are lessons to be learned.  I am an older reader and many of life’s lessons jumped out at me. It has brought to life how frivolous thoughts in youth and dreams can actually spoil ONE’S life.

I thoroughly loved the novel and the history lesson which is captivated so well. The one thing I disliked was the ending. I like happy endings. It’s too bad there wasn’t a follow up for people like me.

Parts of the novel filled my eyes with tears, and my heart broke with Scarlett. I know others would not agree, for Scarlett is a woman with passion, but at the same time mean, and will chose whatever means she can come up with to scheme and even betray her friends and loved ones so that she can attain what she wants.

She has a devilish heart; however, youth can portray life as a rose garden, but in actuality, it truly can be harsh and cruel and so it was for Scarlett. She did what she had to, to survive her world. And in the end, she saw Ashley for what he really was…but was it too late?

My heart ached with her so many times throughout.

She did get to the place where she repented in this sense, Lord, forgive me for the sins of my youth. But underneath it all, the answer lie in the idea that she would do it all over again, for she really did not have any other choice. She carried the burden of others which was so great a burden.  How she managed to bear the pain of the convicts and allow that mean man to treat them so cruelly.

Melanie, a woman of quiet strength, probably achieved much for she was loving, kind and how she was true to Scarlett O’Hara. 
And Rhett Butler loved Scarlett all along. The ending is tragic. This novel is filled with history of the Civil War, the life of blacks at that time and how loyal they were to their masters, and how people are people no matter what period of time the novel is written on.

The strong in character use the weak, the weak succomb to fright, the rich are rich through their schemes and often devilish tactics, and the poor struggle to put food on the table, often happier than the rich and prosperous can ever become. Simply because greed sets in and nothing can ever fill that hollow.

Scarlett had it all. Beauty, charm, money, Rhett, Ashley, and Melanie besides her children. But the ending is so tragic I am left with a deep sadness that I shan’t ever forget.





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    • Thank you. It is an amazing story and I so want everyone to read it. Of course, not everyone will see it as I saw it. I laughed, cried, sat on the edge of my seat, and bawled. Hugs and hope all is well with you and your little ones.

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