Gone With the Wind

I’m reading the book and loving every bit of it. I hated Scarlett O’Hara at first, but now in the middle of the book, she is my heroine. But I better not say too much. My feelings toward her have been such a whirlwind of highs and lows. One moment she wins my heart, and the next, I almost am back to hating her for how she treats people. To have the courage of this woman is something I would want to gain, and the only way to gain is to suffer. Has anyone read this amazing novel? If so, please share your thoughts with me.

Have a great week-end!!


6 thoughts

    • Martha, you did read MY DEPRESSION BABY but you did not comment. Since you are a writing teacher, I was hoping for some input from you. I know you are busy. Whenever you can, I would appreciate your comments. Hugs

      • There are some thoughts, but I won’t be able to write anything meaningful until after class on Thursday. Now i’m in the LONG HAUL. 5 classes today, 7 hours in the classroom…

      • It’s on MY DEPRESSION BABY that I would like your feedback. Of course, I understand your busy schedule. Don’t fret about it. Thanks so much!

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