The Way to Be Happy (Poem A Day 3)

A hermit there was, and he lived in a grot,
And the way to be happy, folks said, he had got;   
As I wanted to learn it, I went to his cell,
And when I came there, the old hermit said,  “Well,
Young man, by your looks you want something, I see;
Now tell me the business that brings you to me.”

“The way to be happy, folks say, you have got;
And wishing to learn it, I came to your grot.
Now, I beg and entreat, if you have such a plan,
That you write it me down, as plain as you can.”
Upon which the old hermit, he went to his pen,
And brought me this note, when he came back again:

” ‘Tis being and doing and having that make
All the pleasures and pains of which mankind partake;
To be what God pleases, to do a man’s best,
And to have a good heart, is the way to be blest.”

written by Lord Bryon


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