Hockey Day in Canada

Knowing that it was Hockey Day in Canada, I decided to go skating at the rink with my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren; Bryce, who is five, and already a little fiery skater attempting to get the puck in the net, and if he skates under two to three hours at a time is very discontent when he gets off the ice. Tori is going to be four in about four weeks time. She is doing pretty well on her skates, but she doesn’t have the love of the game in her as yet. This is the first year she can stay upright, fall and pick herself up, all alone. Her goal tonight was to show her grandma how to skate.

I had a good time out there. My body tensed for fear of falling and getting hurt. I hadn’t skated for about four years now, and if I fell the wrong way, I would probably break a bone. Sixty-seven years of age is not a time to try anything out of the ordinary. We stayed on the ice for about an hour, and my little sweetheart and I came home, much to my chagrin. Feet were getting sore, and I knew my body would ache tomorrow. But I just had to go.

My oldest grandson is playing college hockey tonight in Fargo/Moorehead, North Dakota. The Winnipeg Jets won in overtime today. New coach seems to be doing wonders. Soon the Olympics will be on and it will be fun watching the best in the world competing in every winter sport under the sun.

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    • I loved to skate in my younger years. Now I tense up worried I might fall and then what? But I didn’t take any chances at all. No flips or double axles. Ha, ha!

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