Writer in Form


A photo of the author who is writing on Menimèse Creare. She did not use Picmonkey to erase wrinkles, although there are some which don’t seem to show at present. At least, not on this photo.

The lights were bright shining from above. It was a bit difficult to get a true colour. Usually, the light indoors is not that good unless you have a special bulb for your camera. I don’t. Just have the flash.

The temperature was below -30 Celsius, but the moon and the stars were so beautiful the night of the Christmas concert.

Once inside, you could see the light of the moon shining brightly upon the snow creating dusk and not deep darkness like summer nights. Here there are two reflections. The moon shining on the snow and the little village on the inside table reflecting through the window panes and on the table itself. A warm. cozy feel to the horrible cold blast we experienced for over a month without relief.


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