Something About Me

Love horses and all types of animals.

Love horses and all types of animals.

I am an older woman with a focus to enrich youth. Fostering until last year, I have remained in the stream of things. With grandchildren living in my home, in the basement suite with their parents, life is never dull.

I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to get to post something today because my three-year-old granddaughter kept me occupied. We watched Elf together, and had some punch made of lime sherbet and ginger-ale.  Very tasty!

Reading and writing are some of my recreations. I also garden and can my vegetables and fruit in season. I still go out and pick blueberries, have my raspberry patch, and try to buy organic staples, such as flour. I make my bread, and bake in a wood cookstove. No, I am not behind the times. I am ahead. You see, if my hydro goes out, I will have heat, be able to prepare my meals, and have hot water instantly.

I’m excited being here and hoping to learn a thing or two. Meeting people living across the world excites me. About five years ago nearly, I met a woman on Fanstory. She invited me to visit England, and I did. What a treat it was, for she was a very kind hostess. I made friends, went to the theatre, visited London and many well-known spots, and loved the countryside. We travelled by train, a treasure we no longer have here in Canada. The big cities have the luxury, but not small town areas.

I love to study books. Not a quick read, but an actual tear the book apart, kind of thing. I will have two books on the go the next couple of months, so prepare for some quotes.

Photography has been a part of my life since I purchased my first camera. Not that many years ago, I owned a video camera, and this Christmas, my family watched nearly an entire hockey game which my two adult sons had played a couple of years ago. What fun they had to compare their life then and today as it is. Also, some of my grandchildren were little then, and now are adults. Where does the time go?

I hope to learn all I can, become better at what I do and enjoy, and spend my time wisely. Life is a one-way trip. Each choice or decision we make will affect ourselves or someone we love dearly.

Best wishes to those who have joined this little life-changing blog. Dream big, and just go for it.


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