Pausing Patiently

Ducks swimming
early morning hours
misty golden meadows

bluebells sing their songs in gaiety
wild clover weaves
a subtle engaging scent
seems all of nature
rustles in mystery

pausing patiently

ships clad in white sails
break through black fuming waters
vessels tiny in comparison
to the grandness of the sea
immigrants struggle to keep
their thoughts and hopes focused
on promised golden opportunities

pausing patiently

swaying on timber board walks
stomachs upset and queasy
drooping overboard to vomit
into that melancholy
monstrous sea
finally nothing left to offer
except their reserved dignity

pausing patiently

landing in New York’s port
their leather strapped luggage
has all they own
handed them all to sort
then on to Chicago
grandpa plays the violin
in an orchestrated band

pausing patiently

grandpa’s ears perk
when news that parcels of land
cost only ten dollars
with a lake smack dab on it
that seals the plan

their passports have expired
grandpa spends the night in gaol

pausing patiently

papers now brought into line
neighbour backs his wagon
against the wooden plank platform

each item handled with utmost care

work horses tug the wagon load
over torn trails filled with pot holes
as mud reaches the axles

pausing patiently

grandma said she’d never forgive
his persuasive blubber
isolation and seclusion

a promise with no matter
by horse and wagon
neighbour’s picked up
sacks of flour, sugar, oatmeal and coveted mail

pausing patiently

grandma left her family
to marry grandpa, her choice
parents disowned her
never heard from them again
they raised a family of six
can’t imagine the pain
eighteen miles from civilization

pausing patiently

two oxen ploughed
overgrown fields
garden plot, but
all has vanished now
other than their ashes
buried under a huge stone
where once stood their homestead

pausing patiently


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