Patience, Dear Me

This happens to be the third year I attempt to create an awesome blog. The theme I chose is Awesome. No, I really do mean Awesome. Not that my work is Awesome, but my theme is Awesome. I really don’t think some of you are getting the point yet. Awesome is the name of the theme I chose on

If you are confused, that’s quite alright. You see, I’m always confused, so you have just joined my little ‘Confused Club’. Writing on this Awesome theme is quite awesome, however since I am not a good blogger as yet, the Theme Awesome is not the problem.

I am learning the hard way. Nobody has set this blog up to perfection for me and I have to do the work. Oh, Me! All I thought I would have to do is just write and post, photograph and post, etc. But it’s not working out like I had planned. I look at my dashboard and I try to edit things out, just to find out that I have added a twin or triplet. As you can tell, I am ranting. The subtitle warned you, didn’t it? This is where I will do my ranting in between other things of worth. First however, I have to learn to add, delete, and edit without the whole thing getting out of whack.

Does anyone else relate? Or am I the only one in the entire universe to have this problem. If so, I am quite pathetic. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to say naughty things about myself. Rather, I am supposed to be building up my self-esteem by patting myself on the shoulder and here I have eradicated my notch up back to two down. Confused and pathetic! Tomorrow I will try to rebuild what I have just dampened.

I worked hard the last few days cleaning my bedroom. It is a collector’s dream. Books, keepsakes, camera’s out of date and tons of written work which I keep putting off setting  to flame. My computer is already getting out of date. That could be the reason why I can’t do things right on this blog. I will put that on the top of the possibilities, but chances are that is not the case.

Isn’t it sad that electronics go out of date so quickly? I have three camera’s sitting in my closet that I can’t use. I even have one with four films which have not been developed. I believe this is ten years worth of items. Maybe, a wee bit longer, but not much. This is a throw away generation. I was born way back when you learned to take care of your belongings so that it would last a life-time.

First, there were records and LP’s. My grandparents owned an old record player like you see in old movies. Later a track player became the in thing. When everyone finally owned one, it became obsolete. So we rushed out to purchase a tape player. Then on to the CD player. Just can’t keep up with it all.

Rattling on, I must get back to blogging. I may have to take a course. And learning HTML is another learning experience I’d rather avoid. Must I? I’m sorry. There was more but it didn’t post. 


6 thoughts

  1. Hi Drew-

    I tried to go on your post this morning but wasn’t able to enter it. Also, when I clicked on your Bio I got an OOPS from google. Just want you to know. Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. I like what you’ve done so far, Drew. You’re a great writer, you’ve got an interesting life, and make good selections of poems and quotes and stuff. It’s funny, I wrote a post not long ago called East Asian Awesome where I too overuse the word “awesome.” You should read it, it’s still near the top of my homepage. Anyway, looking forward to your future work. Write on, read on…

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