Snow Crystals

Snow Crystals

noon hour

reminds me
how I feel

no special reason
for feeling forlorn

light snowflakes
down the bare
earthen land


broken bare branches
strewn across the yard
an irritated wind
tweaked them off their limbs
like a manicure

a few days
glassy snow crystals
gleemed at me

I wanted to
gather them
and fill a basket

like a gold-digger
each find


8 thoughts

    • Why, thank you very much, Martha. I will try my best at the job set before me. Have a great day. Sorry to hear you are not well. Marking papers must be a drain then. One step at a time. Hugs.

      • Hmmm … I checked out the people who follow my blog; that was kind of helpful, but then I looked at the blogs I follow and had a little more luck there. Strangely many of my followers are in the same blog boat as I am – pretty new at this. Anyway, no where does it say the ten people need to accept; you just have to nominate them! 🙂

      • Awesome. I was wondering about that. Some have had these thrown out at them and will not waste their time. I thought it to be a learning experience anyway. Did you get ten agree’s?

      • No but I have nominated people in different time zones. It is kind of a pain but I’ve realized that I have multiple motivations here and, to my surprise, one is my students. There are so many people writing blogs with passion and feeling who are the same age as my students. I’m very impressed by that and I can see a future in it for my students. 🙂

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