More Manitoba Wildflowers

Without rain or very little, these and other wildflowers have disappeared or have wilted like the grass that has turned pale yellow. Very sad! I hope this rain we got today will help to revive these plants and many others. I jumped for joy when thunder skipped across the sky. The humidity was high but the smell of fresh rain was so invigorating. Let it pour.

These may be related to snapdragons, but not really sure. I have to study my wildflowers a little more.

These purple Iris’s are seen in ditches once again. Many fields are planted with crops or left to cut for hay. Cows and sheep eat much of the foliage in some areas.

During my drive on the first day of summer, 2012, I happened upon a couple of unexpected pleasures. A small stream or pond with a Sandhill Crane mother and her little one nearby. I didn’t get to see the baby because the grass was too high, but I could see the grass moving and the mother didn’t want to leave. I tried not to disturb them. It is not my intention to freak the creatures out, though, I would have liked to have gotten a picture.


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