Caught A Cold

TulipsSniffles and a runny nose, and a headache to boot, is not good for the thinker.  However, I opened a south window to allow fresh air to enter. ‘Chase those germs out the north window,’ I mentally shout.

The sun is shining and shedding warmth through the south windows. Soon the tulips will be in blossom. They are always way too early in the spot where they live. I think I will move them once they are done blooming.

Did you know that tulips are toxic to cats, dogs, and horses?

Tulips – The toxic portion of this plant is the actual bulb, which can cause drooling, central nervous system depression, gastrointestinal irritation, cardiac issues and  convulsions.

Apparently, this is not the only plant that is toxic to animals. But, this is one I will remember, if my cats or dog exhibit the above symptoms.

They are absolutely beautiful. If you go to Wikipedia under tulips, you will see the large photo which is considered to be one of the finest photos on Wikipedia. It was shot in 2005.

Taken by John O’Neill

One thought

  1. Thank you, Roly. You made my day. Still feel terrible, but hopefully I will see the light soon.
    If you have a minute, check out my excerpt I have done on audio. It’s on Drew Delaney & Her Muse. Still learning how to manoevre myself around the site.

    I found an awesome site called LibreVox Wiki. I listened to half of Madame Bovary last night while resting on my couch. I didn’t think I would care for it, but I really like it.

    You get to listen to a book for free with ordinary people reading. I may join to get me into reading for an audience. We’ll see.

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