I’m not really sure if procrastination is the proper word usage for my bad habits. All I know is that I have a hard time getting going on my projects. Other words may be: easily distracted, unorganized, unorganized or perhaps, unorganized. What I really require is someone with a fly-swatter, hovering above my head, attacking me every time I get off track.

Now, getting my own site is not a new thing for me, but that is turning out to be another distraction from my writing or editing which is what I should be focusing on right at this minute. I spent a big part of writing time setting up a blog. Still at square one, I am realizing I should have paid someone to do this for me.

Not sure how some people just get it, and I don’t. Is it brains or lack there of? Anyone with the answer to my dilemma is welcome to make suggestions. With trying to make one good blog, I ended up with six. Go figure. And I am not blonde. So don’t be putting the blame on that one. Female, I am. But better not go there or you will have half of the world cantankerous.


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